Save up to 85% when you rent a Galon coffee machine for your office.

Enjoy the best coffee... one-sixth the price.

Our freshly hand-roasted beans are made to your taste. Whether you like your coffee sweet or strong, we’ve got you covered.

Get the whole cafe experience with the touch of a button.

Fancy a cappucino or latte? It’s easy to make. Take your pick with our coffee maker’s one-touch system.

And it's all fuss-free.

Don’t worry about coffee and milk supplies. We provide free delivery to make sure your team stays well-caffeinated, 9 to 6.

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Galon provides great coffee for a fraction of the usual price. We never realised how much we spent on coffee until we switched to Galon’s office coffee solutions.

Our office loves having quality coffee to go around! Galon really gives our team the energy to charge through the work day.

Viknesh, Office Manager

Olivia, Account Manager

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