Coffee Catering for Events

Give your event a boost with our full-service coffee catering. We've served more than 50,000 cups of our gourmet coffee to weddings, private functions, corporate exhibitions and more.

Here's how Galon's coffee catering can make your next event a successful one.


Our selection of coffee machines is top-of-the-line.

Galon specially selects the top-of-the-line coffee machines that works best for the size of your event.

Our highest-capacity machine can produce 70 cups of gourmet coffee in an hour, which is more than one cup every minute. Whether your guests want a double expresso shot or a specialty drink, we've got something for everyone.

We have brew bar and mobile cart options available – including a barista if required.


We specialize in fully automatic coffee machines that dispense gourmet coffee with a touch of a button.


But if you need something more fun for your guests, we have a full-service mobile cart and baristas available to bring your event to the next level.


As always, we make it fuss-free for you.

A good event needs good partners. That's why we strive to make coffee catering completely hassle-free for you.

We'll provide all the service items you need: paper cups, fresh milk, creamer, napkins, stirrers, etc. We'll also take care of delivery and installation – so you can run your event with a peace of mind.

Our team has a combined 20 years of experience.


We're a dedicated crew with specialties in roasting as well as F&B operations and events. That means we know what it takes to run a successful event, and we want to help you get there.


Plus, our passion for high-grade gourmet coffee makes everything we do extra special.

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Galon provides great coffee for a fraction of the usual price. We never realised how much we spent on coffee until we switched to Galon’s office coffee solutions.

Our office loves having quality coffee to go around! Galon really gives our team the energy to charge through the work day.

Viknesh, Office Manager

Olivia, Account Manager

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